Air Purifiers

As the weather switches to extremes, either too hot or too cold, you’ll likely shut the doors and windows and turn on the heat and A/C. While that may make the temperature more comfortable, it can make the home feel stuffy and the air less fresh. Even when all the windows are open, dust, pet dander, and other allergens can make breathing easily a challenge.

Regularly using an air purifier can help clean the air, making it smell fresher and removing any allergens. Many incorporate HEPA filters, removing even the smallest irritants. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose a higher or lower power level and clean the entire room with a single instrument.

Even better, many air purifiers have the ability to go into quiet mode during the night, so you can keep them running as you sleep and they won’t disturb you. Most sound like very quiet white noise. In the morning, you can flip on turbo mode and let the air purifier intensely clean the air.

For those with severe allergies, opt for HyperHEPA technology. It’s the same purification level used in clean rooms and hospitals around the world, and is able to remove even more pollutant particles than traditional air purifiers.

No matter what size room or what purification level, you can find the air purifier that fits your needs. Browse ABC Vacuum’s wide selection of home air purification systems.

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