Humidity isn’t just a cause of frizzy hair and hot days. It can cause significant damage to a home. The walls and ceilings can develop wet spots, just like if an upstairs bathroom had flooded. From there, the wood of a home can rot, wallpaper can peel off, and paint can blister. The damage can even extend to you or your family as mold and fungus makes its home in the moist areas of your house.

The solution is a dehumidifier. These incredible devices remove a portion of the moisture from the air, helping your floors, walls, and cabinets all stay as dry as they should. A dehumidifier tends to use less energy than an air conditioner, and it can actually help keep you cool. Our body naturally perceives moist air as warmer than dry air, so removing that moisture without changing the actual temperature will still make you feel like the room’s gone down a few degrees.

Small dehumidifier units are perfect for protecting specific areas of your home or to use while traveling. Putting one in your laundry room can help clothes dry more efficiently. One in your hall closet will help keep wet shoes and coats from becoming moldy. And while traveling, you can easily use one in an RV, trailer, or boat, and keep your room safe from the outside elements. No matter where you need it, a mini dehumidifier can help you breathe easier.

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