When trying to heat or cool a room, even air distribution is essential. If only one area of a room is hot while the others are too cold, no one will be comfortable. Luckily, fans have come a long way.

To start, old fashioned blades have been replaced with smooth, long range heat and coolant projection. These sleek machines have no visible moving parts, so they’re easy to clean and completely safe for children and pets. What’s more, they distribute heat far more evenly and quickly than traditional heaters.

Couple this technology with the ability to program specific heating levels for specific times, and you have a masterpiece of innovation. Many of these devices come with automatic shut off after a certain period of time, so you can rest easy without worrying if you remembered to hit all the off switches.

You can heat or cool an entire room with one of these devices, or opt for a table top sized heater and fan for local control. While fans may not have air conditioning, by helping the air circulate quickly through the room, each breath stays fresh and the gentle breeze keeps you cool. You can reduce your energy cost by simply and efficiently keeping the air in your home moving.

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