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FREE Ground Shipping In The Lower 48 States*-All vacuum cleaners, due to the size of the packages, are shipped with standard ground unless otherwise requested. Orders weighing over 6 lbs. (Vacuums, Air Purifiers, and Other Appliances) Shipping is Free via insured Ground (typically 3-7 days) with a tracking # provided by email.

Orders weighing under 6 lbs. (Bags, Belts, and Accessories)
Shipping is Free via USPS Parcel Post (typically 5-10 days).

Shipping Time Delivery time is usually 5-7 business days for via ground shipping. Orders are shipped out the same day if they are placed on a weekday before 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific Standard Time.


Alaska and Hawaii $55 for each vacuum cleaner or appliance. Free shipping for bags, belts, and small accessories. Will be sent by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.

APO and FPO $55 for each vacuum cleaner or appliance. Free shipping for bags, belts, and accessories. Will be sent by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.

We do not ship Express, Overnight, Next Day Air, and 2ndDay Air due to security and large expense. Call 1-800-285-8145 to request an exception.

We do not ship internationally Shipping is very costly internationally. We only sell 110-volt machines that do not operate in most countries outside the US. Therefore, we limit sales within the states. Also, we do not ship to US Territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands. Call 1-800-285-8145 to request an exception.

Address Changes or Corrections: If you placed an online or phone order with an incorrect address you need to contact us by phone as soon as you discover it. Please do not send emails. We process orders as they come in so it is imperative that you act quickly. If your order has already shipped out, we can still make corrections but we will charge $15.00 to do this. This correction fee will be charged to your credit card.

Important Notes:

*Our Ground Shipping does not deliver to PO Boxes, APO's, or FPO's. US Postal is required for those items.

**These items are always shipped US Priority Mail and are Generally received within 4-5 days from placement of the order.

For questions regarding unique shipping situations, please call us at 1-800-285-8145 or e-mail us at

Floor Polisher

More Information

Floor Polisher

Traditionally, taking care of your floor meant vacuuming the carpeted areas and seeping and mopping the hard wood and tiles. Vacuums have improved significantly over the past years, so why not the methods of taking care bare floors? The truth is, there have been great advances, and one of the most comprehensive steps is the floor polisher.

A floor polisher is able to clean bare floors in a variety of ways. In essence, it transforms the process of mopping into a simple, streamlined maneuver. Not only do floor polishers use water to mop the floor, they also incorporate shampoos to make sure not a speck of dirt is missed. Additionally, they use scrubbing brushes to reach even deeply embedded grime.

Though floor polishers make mopping easy, their biggest virtues lie in two things no mop can do. Through the polishing process, these machines are able to actually remove the appearance of scratches and other blemishes on the floor. For areas with a lot of traffic or that endure the frequent scratching of animal paws, scratches are unavoidable, but their removal can bring new life from the floor.

The second truly unique feature of floor polishers is the layer of polish they create actually serves as a protective barrier for the floor. This means that while some scrapes and scruffs may appear, the floor is better able to withstand the difficulties of daily wear and tear. Over time, this not only helps the appearance of the floor, but also can extend its life.

Check out our floor polisher and floor buffer units and make your floors shine today!


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