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Remanufactured Dyson DC25 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum

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  • Product Description

    The Dyson DC25 Animal is an upright vacuum designed for cleaning carpet and hard floors in homes with pets.

    • Comes with mini turbine head designed to clean pet hair and dirt
    • Ball™ technology for easy maneuvering
    • Lifetime washable HEPA filter
    • 11 amp motor
    • 16.12 lbs.

    Differences in the DC25 Animal - New and Remanufactured:

    • NEW: 5 year Dyson warranty
    • Remanufactured: 3 year Dyson and ABC Vacuum warranty

    The Dyson DC25 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be used on all floor types for homes with pets. With Dyson Ball technology the DC25 Animal is easily maneuvered around furniture, household appliances and corners without all the back and forth pushing of a traditional vacuum. This ability to maneuver around objects to reach nooks and crannies comes from the machines low center of gravity, as the motor is housed inside the Dyson ball. No part of the house is out of reach with Dyson’s quick-draw telescope reach wand helping you attack dust and dirt on walls, ceilings and roofs up to 16ft high. Motorized brush bar and integrated fingertip brush controls assure maximum power and control for all floors. The Dyson DC25’s Root Cyclone patented technology ensures you won’t lose suction power as you vacuum and lifetime washable HEPA Filter means easy disposal and no more buying replacement bags. The included mini Turbine Head is excellent at picking up pet hair from furniture, carpeted stairs and drapes. 3 year Dyson and ABC warranty on parts and labor, and comes complete with brush, stair and crevice tool attachments. This vacuum was remanufactured by Dyson at their factory with genuine Dyson parts.


    • Brand: Dyson
    • Condition: New
    • Type: Upright
    • UPC: 879957003682
    • 11 amp motor
    • Lifetime washable HEPA filter
    • Weight: 16.12 lbs
    • Cord Length: 24.6 feet
    • Dustbin Capacity: 0.31 dry gallons
    • Attachments Included: Yes
    • Bare Floor: Yes
    • Bagless: Yes
    • Warranty: 3 Year Parts and Labor through Dyson and ABC Vacuum
    • 6 month warranty from Dyson followed by a 2 1/2 year warranty from ABC Vacuum
    • ABC Vacuum is an authorized Dyson Warranty Center

    What's in the Box?

    • Operating manual
    • Quick start guide
    • Warranty information
    • Combination Accessory Tool
    • Stair tool
    • Mini Turbine Head

    Buyer's Guide

    The DC25 Animal is ideal for homes with pets. Its Mini Turbine Head attaches for easy cleanup on furniture and upholstery. This vacuum is full size and great for all spaces, however may be best suited for homes where the vacuum can be stored away. The brushroll is good on wall to walls, area rugs, and flat berber carpet. The Ball gives you the ability to make "S" turns and even knock out the area rug like you are driving a car. The width is only 12 inches and will fit between the legs of a bar stool, but it needs to be a bit wider for larger homes or area. I do know people using this up to 3000 square feet no problem.

    Choosing a Dyson Upright Vacuum

    Dyson makes the best bagless upright vacuums, but picking one out can be difficult. With so many series, models, and features available many consumers may tear their hair out in confusion. With this buyer's guide, we hope to explain the differences between the Dyson uprights and help pick out the model that is right for you.

    Dyson's vacuums are made in series: DC24, DC25, DC33 and so on. Within each series, the Multi Floor is the base model and the Animal is the pet model. The models are the same except for the color and extra attachments. e.g. The DC25 Animal and DC25 Multi Floor have the same features and attachments, but only the DC25 Animal comes with the mini turbine brush.

    Dyson Uprights and Delicate Carpets

    The powerful brush action on Dyson uprights provide exceptional cleaning on standard tightly-woven carpets. However, the stronger brush tends to pull out fibers on delicate carpets such as shag, frieze, and wool berber as well as antique and hand-woven rugs. If you are using a Dyson upright on a delicate carpet, we recommend that you turn off the brushroll. This will preserve the life of your carpet. The brushroll shut-off feature is found on all Dyson uprights.

    Standard Style or Ball?

    Dyson's uprights come in two styles. The standard style models are like most upright vacuums. With two wheels in the back, they handle like a typical upright vacuum. You have to go back and forth like a lawnmower to turn. The Ball System vacuums have a revolutionary steering system. They turn like a bike. You just turn the handle and the brush pivots around and goes in the direction that you point it. While the Ball System is more maneuverable, some buyers may prefer the stable feel of the standard style Dyson upright. It's really down to personal preference. The only thing to look out for is that users with arthritis may feel strain with Dyson Ball models since they have to turn their wrists to steer.

    The Dyson Ball Uprights

    The DC24 series is Dyson's lightest and most compact Ball Style upright. In order to get the vacuum down to 11.6 lbs., the DC24 needed to cut back on features such as motor size and dust capacity. While most dyson uprights range from 16 to 20 lbs., the DC24 is made for users who need a lighter vacuum. It is also perfect for smaller homes and apartments where there is little space to store a vacuum.

    The DC25 is Dyson's full-sized version of the DC24. The larger motor and dust capacity provide better performance than the DC24, but it raises the weight to 16.12 lbs.

    The DC40 is Dyson's mid-sized Ball upright. At 14.5 lbs, it fits between the DC24 and DC25 but has a slightly larger cleaning path and capacity than the DC25.

    The DC41 is Dyson's top-of-the-line Ball upright. A redesigned airpath gives more suction than the DC25. It also has a larger cleaning path and higher capacity.

    Standard Style Dyson Uprights

    The DC28 comes with electronic carpet height adjustment for different length carpets. Just press the buttons to select your carpet height and the motors raise or lower the brushroll to the proper height. This system allows the DC28 to perform better on thick carpets than other Standard Style Dyson models.

    The DC33 is similar to the DC28 except that it has automatic carpet height adjustment. By doing away with the electronic height adjustment, the DC33's weight dropped to 17.6 lbs.

    Dyson Uprights Differences
      DC24 DC25 DC40 DC41 DC28 DC33
    Wheel Style Ball Ball Ball Ball Standard Standard
    Motor Size 6.5 amp 11 amp 10 amp 10 amp 12 amp 12 amp
    Weight 11.6 lbs. 16.12 lbs. 14.5 lbs. 17.4 lbs. 20.61 lbs. 17.6 lbs.
    Capacity Dry 0.19 gal. 0.31 gal. 0.42 gal 0.55 gal 0.61 gal 0.61 gal
    Cleaning Path 11 inch 11 inch 12 inch 13 inch 13.5 inch 13 inch
    Cord Length 20 feet 24.6 feet 24.7 feet 35 feet 35 feet 35 feet
    AirWatt Rating 115 220 200 235 245 240
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