Steam Cleaning

Which Steam Mop & Cleaner should I buy?

Many people consider purchasing steam mops because they are easy to use without the mess. However, when looking at these types of steam cleaners, be careful and make sure they will not damage your floor. Steam mops provide chemical-free cleaning to remove dirt and grime that builds up on VINYL, TILE and LAMINATE floors. Steam mops are designed for wooden floors, however only if it is sealed. However, steam mops are NOT designed for unsealed wood, unfinished tile and waxed floors.

After filling the tank on the steam cleaner with water, that water is heated and the steam is released directly on the floor in a process no more difficult than vacuuming. The steam works to loosen all the dirt and grime on the floor, and it can be removed with a simple wipe. On top of that, the steam kills any bacteria, completely disinfecting the floor.

Most steam mops are designed with a cloth pad where steam is produces through to clean the floor. Although moisture develops, the pad on the steam mop absorbs it to prevent any “wetness.” Any drops of water that is left by a steam mop should dry within minutes.

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