Thermax Mini-Max Dome White Water Air Purifier

Details: Thermax Mini Max White With LED

• Purifies
• Aromatizes
• Humidifies
• Deodorizes
• Vaporizes
• Sterilizes
• Disinfects
• Freshens the air
• Removes unpleasant odors
• Releases clean fresh air
• Water washes with scrubbing action
• Smooth water washing noise puts you right to sleep
• Repels insects using Thermax's oil based citronella and lemon fragrances

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Thermax Mini-Max Dome White Water Air Purifier

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The Mini-Max uses water as the filter--nature's best cleaning agent since the beginning of time. No more expensive filters that just clog or leak dust, germs, and bacteria back into your home. While removing things like cigarette smoke, foul cooking odors, pet odors and all other harmful particles floating in your air, you can use Thermax’s specially formulated oil based fragrances and/or deodorizers to leave a fresh sanitizing smell behind. It scents the actual air molecule so it will smell fresh and clean even hours after you turn the unit off.


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