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Remanufactured Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum With Tangle-Free Turbine Tool



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  • Bissell 16N5-9 Healthy Home Bagless Front

    Bissell 16N5-9 PowerClean Bagless Upright

    The Bissell 16N5-9 PowerClean Bagless Upright is a powerful 12 amp cleaner with a wide 15 inch cleaning path to assure that you can vacuum larger areas in less time. • 7-stage manual height adjustment • 12’ long reach hose and on board tools for easier stair and upholstery cleaning • Microban antimicrobial protection fights growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew inside vacuum
  • Bissell 67F8 Rewind Premier Pet Bagless Upright Angled

    Bissell 67F8 Rewind Premier Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

    Bissell 67F8 Rewind Premier Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum is a versatile cleaner fully equipped with 12 amp motor, stretch hose and complete set of pet tools to provide maximum pet hair pick-up and cleaning performance. • Clean filter indicator monitors airflow and need for filter maintenance • Pet hair lifter and pet turboeraser tool • Easy empty dirt container
  • Bissell 42Q8 OptiClean Bagged Canister Front

    Bissell 42Q8 OptiClean Bagged Canister Vacuum

    The Opticlean Bagged Canister vacuum is a convenient whole-home cleaning system with portable, lightweight design and Quiet Vac Technology to minimize noise as you vacuum. • Multi-Surface cleaning for cleaning carpets and hard surfaces • Convenient automatic cord rewind with a touch a button • Telescoping wand extends reach for easier floor and above floor cleaning Bag Style: Bissell 59H6 Bags
  • Bissell 87B4 Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Front

    Bissell 87B4 Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Upright

    The Bissell 87B4 Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Upright is specifically designed to solve your pet hair problems with included Pet TurboEraser Tool that maximizes pet hair clean-up with its innovative brush roll design. • Pet Hair Lifter: Vacuum will grab pet ahir when you pull back, and release hair and suction it up when you push forward • Clean Filter Indicator: Monitors airflow and lets you know when it’s time to clean your filter • Pet TurboEraser Tool provides exceptional pet hair clean up on stairs furniture and upholstery
  • Bissell 58F8-3 Front Angle

    Bissell 58F8-3 Rewind SmartClean Bagless Upright

    The Bissell 58F8-3 Rewind SmartClean Bagless Upright is a powerful cleaner that uses light up alerts to show dirty areas in your carpet that need extra attention. • SmartClean System uses clean carpet sensor and clean filter indicator • HEPA Media Filter: Captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollens and ragweed • 5-position carpet height settings

As one of the essentials fixture of any home, vacuum cleaners are part of any family’s cleaning routine. It’s no wonder then that they have evolved to become an incredibly convenient and powerful tool. Each home has different needs, so finding the perfect vacuum – at a discount nonetheless! - for your house requires some knowledge about the different features a vacuum can contain.

Power versus Maneuverability

For homes with thick, heavily carpeted areas, the priority should be to dig entrenched dirt out of the deep crevices of the carpet. Rather than vacuuming again and again, powerful new or refurbished vacuum cleaners can do the job in a single sweep. An upright vacuum with a bag tends to be the most powerful. For those homes that have fewer thick carpets but several twists and turns that are hard to reach, emphasize maneuverability. Switch to a canister vacuum so you can stretch into each corner.

Differing Floor Types

Many homes have rooms that transition from carpet to hardwood or tile with no break. In those cases, look for a new or refurbished vacuum cleaner that can make the transition with you. Some vacuums are able to slide seamlessly from one floor type to another, and others can do so with only the touch of a button.

Bag or Bag-less

While bagged vacuums tend to have a little more power than bag-less, there are additional factors to consider in your choice. Bag-less vacuums save you the cost of bags, but do require filter changes regularly. They can also emit dust and allergens into the air during cleaning, so can be a hassle for users with allergies.

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