Some Common Questions About Exclusive ABC Warranties

Do all the vacuums here have the Exclusive ABC warranty?

No.The vast majority are manufacturer warranties unless stated to be exclusive ABC. What is an Exclusive ABC warranty?

Most warranties are factory warranties that are handled by local authorized dealers.An exclusive ABC warranty is honored by ABC Vacuum corporation only. We are the first point of contact if you have any trouble.

If I have a problem, how is it handled?

We first have technical support at the 1-800 # and email to offer technical assistance and see if the problem can be solved easily. Secondly, if it is simply a small part needed, we can priority ship so that it is received quickly and conveniently without you ever leaving your home. If an item must be sent back to us for repair, we will repair it on the day we receive it, then return ship it at no charge to the customer. This process keeps turn around time close to what it would be if you had it repaired locally. However, the cost of shipping the item to us will be paid by the customer. How can I be sure I am covered?

ABC Vacuum has been in the mail order business offering warranty and repair service for over 20 years. We are listed with a Business Bureau online service so that our record can easily be accessed. Rest assured that, if ever needed, your warranty will be handled professionally and quickly.