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FREE Ground Shipping In The Lower 48 States*-All vacuum cleaners, due to the size of the packages, are shipped with standard ground unless otherwise requested. Orders weighing over 6 lbs. (Vacuums, Air Purifiers, and Other Appliances) Shipping is Free via insured Ground (typically 3-7 days) with a tracking # provided by email.

Orders weighing under 6 lbs. (Bags, Belts, and Accessories)
Shipping is Free via USPS Parcel Post (typically 5-10 days).

Shipping Time Delivery time is usually 5-7 business days for via ground shipping. Orders are shipped out the same day if they are placed on a weekday before 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific Standard Time.


Alaska and Hawaii $55 for each vacuum cleaner or appliance. Free shipping for bags, belts, and small accessories. Will be sent by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.

APO and FPO $55 for each vacuum cleaner or appliance. Free shipping for bags, belts, and accessories. Will be sent by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.

We do not ship Express, Overnight, Next Day Air, and 2ndDay Air due to security and large expense. Call 1-800-285-8145 to request an exception.

We do not ship internationally Shipping is very costly internationally. We only sell 110-volt machines that do not operate in most countries outside the US. Therefore, we limit sales within the states. Also, we do not ship to US Territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands. Call 1-800-285-8145 to request an exception.

Address Changes or Corrections: If you placed an online or phone order with an incorrect address you need to contact us by phone as soon as you discover it. Please do not send emails. We process orders as they come in so it is imperative that you act quickly. If your order has already shipped out, we can still make corrections but we will charge $15.00 to do this. This correction fee will be charged to your credit card.

Important Notes:

*Our Ground Shipping does not deliver to PO Boxes, APO's, or FPO's. US Postal is required for those items.

**These items are always shipped US Priority Mail and are Generally received within 4-5 days from placement of the order.

For questions regarding unique shipping situations, please call us at 1-800-285-8145 or e-mail us at

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Commercial Vacuums & Cleaners

Do you feel like a household vacuum cleaner just isn’t getting the job done? Then you should consider getting a commercial vacuum cleaner. Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to be more heavy duty with more power, but they do come in several variations for a multitude of businesses.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one perfect vacuum cleaner that will get the job done for all floor and carpet types. However, we do carry products that come pretty close. Before deciding on whether to buy a household vacuum cleaner or commercial vacuum cleaner, take a closer look at what floor-type your business has. For example, does your business have a lot of plush carpet or thin carpet? And also take a look at what exactly your vacuum cleaner will be picking up. Do you need one that can handle larger objects like rocks? Or is it going to pick up metal objects (like nails) or food items?

All of these thoughts should be considered before purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner. But if you’re not sure where to start, we have a form that you can submit and we can suggest some commercial vacuum cleaners for you.

Take a look at our inventory below, we carry just about every commercial vacuum cleaner available  from light-weight, canister to heavy-duty.  


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  • Panasonic MC-V5210 Front Angle

    Panasonic MC-V5210 Commercial Upright Vacuum

    Special Price: $254.99

    Regular Price: $259.99

    The Panasonic MC-V5210 is a powerful commercial vacuum that features: • 10 amp commercial motor with motor protection system • 50 foot commercial cord and 14 inch cleaning path • HEPA filtration traps particles, allergens, and debris • Metal brushroll, baseplate, and handle Bag: Panasonic U-3 Genuine Bags
  • Sanitaire SC5815B Front

    Sanitaire SC5815B Commercial Upright

    The Sanitaire SC5815B is a powerful yet quiet machine designed to give you cleaning power and superior filtration. • Designed for use in healthcare, government, food services, and education environments • Washable Sealed HEPA filtration • Tools on board for a variety of jobs • Quiet Motor and 40 foot cord
  • Hoover C2401-010 with Attachments

    Hoover C2401-010 Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

    Out of stock

    The Hoover 2401-010 Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful backpack cleaner with a chiropractor-designed harness and convenient clear dome lid to let you see exactly what is captured. • Superior Mobility in a Comfortable, Easy to Carry Vacuum • Unit may be used with shake out cloth liner or with disposable paper bag insert • HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns in size
  • Pro-Team Super Coach Pro 6 Backpack Vacuum

    Pro-Team Super Coach Pro 6 Backpack Vacuum

    The next generation in cleaning comfort. Ergonomic backpack design with patent pending FlexFit articulating harness. The Pro-Team Super Coach Pro 6 is designed for increased range of motion, reduced fatigue, and improved productivity. • 6 quart dry capacity • 9.6 lbs. main unit • 1108 watt/9.5 amp motor • 4-level HEPA filtration • 50 foot extension cord • Attachments included
  • Pullman Holt 390ASB (B160535) HEPA Canister Vacuum

    Pullman Holt 390ASB (B160535) HEPA Canister Vacuum

    The Pullman Holt 390ASB is a HEPA filtered vacuum designed for professional cleaning in abatement, restoration, and construction job sites. • Dry vacuuming only • 11.8 amp/1.5 HP 2-stage airthru motor • 100 CFM airflow • 18 lbs. • 25 foot power cord • Chrome-plated steel tank • 1 year parts and labor warranty from Pullman Holt
  • Sanitaire SC412A with Attachments

    Sanitaire SC412A Commercial Backpack

    Special Price: $299.99

    Regular Price: $315.99

    The Sanitaire SC412 is an incredibly versatile unit designed to clean the most hard to reach areas. Other features of the SC412 include: • HEPA filtration • Equipped with a wide assortment of attachments • Backpack design gives users the most mobility while cleaning • CRI Seal of Approval and 50’ power cord Bag: Sanitaire BV-2 Vacuum Bags
  • Hoover C1660-900 Hush Commercial Bagless Upright

    Hoover C1660-900 Hush Commercial Bagless Upright Vacuum

    The Hoover C1660-900 Hush Commercial Bagless Upright Vacuum is thoughtfully designed with multi-speed power surge switch for use in heavily soiled areas and HUSH mode option for quiet operation during daytime use. • 15" Cleaning Path • Twin Chamber bagless system helps maintain maximum power and traps dirt in a sealed chamber for convenient disposal - plus no bags to buy or change • Manual 3 Position Height Adjustment • Two Brush Agitator • Non-Marking furniture guard protects furniture and walls
  • Hoover CH50000 Professional Commercial Upright Front

    Hoover CH50000 Professional Commercial Upright Vacuum

    Out of stock

    The Hoover CH50000 Commercial Upright has all the features you need in a commercial vacuum and excellent filtration. Some features include: • 6 amp motor and 11 inch cleaning path • Removable, 50 ft, 3-prong power cord • 3 position handle, lays flat for low clearance Bag Type: Hoover Type A HEPA bag
  • Pro-Team ProForce 1200XP Commercial Upright Vacuum

    Pro-Team ProForce 1200XP HEPA Commercial Upright Vacuum

    Out of stock

    The Pro-Team ProForce 1200XP is a commercial upright designed for exceptional cleaning both for your floors and using on board attachments. Some features of the ProForce 1200XP include: • 12 inch cleaning path • On board tools and super stretch hose with quick release wand • HEPA filtration • Electronic system performance indicator alerts user of a full filter, airflow restriction, or jammed brush roll • 50 ft, 18 gauge safety yellow power cord Uses Electrolux Upright 1986+ Vacuum Bags
  • Panasonic MC-GG283

    Panasonic MC-GG283 Commercial Upright Vacuum

    The Panasonic MC-GG283 gives you commercial cleaning power at a reasonable price. The unit features: • 14 inch cleaning path to clean more space in less time • HEPA filtration which traps small particles and allergens • ByPass Valve to prevent motor damage and Clean-Out port for easy access to clean away debris • 10 Amp Capped Commercial Motor • Durable wooden brushroll Bag: Panasonic U-3 Genuine Bags