Canister Vacuum

Commercial canister vacuums have been an incredible force in many industries. Whether you’re working in the professional cleaning industry or just looking to have a spotless home, canister vacuums are a great option.

In general, commercial canister vacuum cleaners are quieter than their upright counterparts, making them ideal for areas that have people working or otherwise preferring a quiet area. In addition, they are more flexible in the areas they can clean. To start, the variety of attachments and extended reach make it easy to reach any area, be it carpeted or not. The smooth transition from one floor type to another makes it easy to clean large spans of floor.

A hidden benefit of commercial canister vacuums is the increased efficiency of cleaning. Upright vacuums can sometimes spread the dirt around the floor, especially when rounding a corner or being turned off. Canister vacuums seldom have that problem. The dirt they capture stays safely within the canister, keeping the floor clean and the suction strong.

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