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Upright Vacuum

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Upright Vacuum

When you think of the word “vacuum,” it’s likely an upright style that comes to mind. It’s no wonder that this image is so pervasive. For over one hundred years, people have been relying on upright vacuums to clean homes and businesses. In fact, the first patent for a working vacuum was given in 1860, though it was called a “carpet sweeper.”

Since then, the basic design has stayed the same, though the power and usefulness of an upright vacuum have both been substantially improved, especially for commercial purposes. With wide cleaning paths and optional dirt sensing modifications, modern commercial upright vacuum cleaners make the act of carpet cleaning a simple task.

The commercial upright vacuum itself is able to effectively clean the majority of the floor, but there are always those hard-to-reach areas. That’s where the various tools and attachments come into play! Long tubes add significant reach to the vacuum, allowing you to reach the corners of ceilings or deep under couches. Brush extensions allow you to reach even the most ground in dirt. With such flexibility and power, it’s no wonder that commercial upright vacuums have been and remain a dominant force.

There are a huge variety of commercial upright vacuums from which to choose. To find the one that matches your needs, talk to the professionals at ABC Vacuum Warehouse.


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  • Hoover CH2000 Front

    Hoover CH20000 Sonic Sweep Commercial Cordless Sweeper

    The Hoover CH20000 Sonic Sweep Commercial Sweeper is a cordless solution to quick clean up. The Sonic Sweep features: • Sonic Pulse technology • Low profile design • Coverts to hand held for use on stairs and furniture • Rechargeable; 40 minute run time
  • Hoover C1320 Signature Commercial Lightweight Vacuum

    Hoover C1320 Signature Commercial Lightweight Vacuum

    Out of stock

    The Hoover C1320 Signature Commercial Lightweight Vacuum is the lightest weight Hoover Commercial upright and is built with HEPA Filtration and automatic carpet height adjustment. • Lightest Weight Hoover Commercial Upright. Only 9.4 lbs • Low Profile Nozzle cleans under tight spaces • Convenient Fingertip On/Off Switch • Durable Gore-Tex Top-Fill Zipper Bag • Edge Cleaning Bristles clean right up along baseboards Bag Style: Hoover Type B Royal Vacuum Bags