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Help, My Tools Won't Attach to My Back Pack Vacuum!

Sometimes, our customers have problems with attaching their tools to the wands on some backpack vacuums, usually on backpack vacuums by Carpet Pro, Dust Care, Hoover, Pro-Team, and Sanitaire. All of those brands use the same design on their wands. This guide will show you how to attach the tools to the wand properly. This is a very simple process and can be fixed easily by the customer. Although the tools shown are from Pro-Team and Carpet Pro backpacks, these instructions will work with any vacuum that uses similar extension wands.

First, locate the lower wand. This is the one with a plastic collar on one end. The red arrow in Fig. 1 points to the plastic collar.

Inside the collar is a metal C-shaped ring. Fig. 2 Shows the inside of the collar. The red arrow points to the gap in the metal ring. This ring must be set before it can hold on to tools. Do not remove the collar from the extension wand.

To set the C-shaped ring, twist the collar clockwise until the gap in the ring closes. The gap is circled in red in Fig. 3. The gap is closed in Fig. 4. Be sure to do this without any tools attached. Once the gap closes, the ring is set. Now you can lock tools on to the wand. Turning the collar counter-clockwise will loosen the ring and allow you to remove tools and replace them with others. Turning the collar clockwise will tighten the ring and lock the tool in place.